Order_No. Order Title Order Date Branch Name Document
12/7/1992-3JJ (1) Renewal of Notary Licenses, after obtaining the Medical Fitness Certificates 12/8/2021 Jail & Judicial-I
No 14/3/2021- Estt.l Promotion Orders of Superintendent 6/18/2021 IT Cell
10/103/2021-2JJ1 Promotion of Assistabt District Attorney's (ADA) to Deputy District Attorenys (DDA) 11/17/2021 Jail & Judicial-I
3/8/2020-2HGI Posting Transfer of IPS/HPS Officers 11/23/2021 Home-I
3/365/2012-2HG-III Clarification regarding Rule 19 of the Arms Rules 2016 3/2/2017 Home-III
16/01/2020-4HG-II Consolidte Proposal for converting temporary Police posts into Permanent Police posts 11/2/2021 Home-II
16/8/2020-3H(C) Regarding Appointment of Nodal Officer for RTS matter from the Home Department, Haryana 10/25/2021 Home (Confidential)
3/8/2020-2HG-I Posting Transfer of IPS/HPS Officers 10/22/2021 Home-I
3/11/2020-1HG-I Posting Transfer of HPS Officers 10/22/2021 Home-I
16/04/2021-4HG-II Purposal for Upgradation of Police Post Nizampur into Police Station 10/4/2021 Home-II
16/04/2021-4HG-II Purposal for Upgradation of Police Post Kanina into Police Station 10/4/2021 Home-II
30/44/2008-2HG-III State Police Complaint Authority Terms and Conditions 9/21/2021 Home-III
3/8/2020-2HG-I Posting/ Transfer of IPS Officers 9/17/2021 Home-I
10/61/2013-2HG-IV New Instruction of Marriage Registration through CSC 12/1/2016 Home-IV
2/7/1996-2Home(C) Delegate the power of National Security Act, 1980 to DM for 3 Months 9/3/2021 Home-III
3/8/2020-2HG1 New IPS batch HY:18-19, Posting/Transfer 9/2/2021 Home-I
3/8/2020-2HG1 Posting/Transfer of IPS officers 9/2/2021 Home-I
02/663/2018-1HG IV Advisory Compliance of Direction 8/31/2018 Home-IV
2/4/2017-2H(C) Security Committee Ram Rahim 9/1/2017 Home (Confidential)
l/7/2018-2 H(C) Chinhit Apradh Guidelines thereof 7/24/2018 Home (Confidential)
10/8/2012-3H(C) Various action taken to maintain law and order in Haryana during Dera Sachha Sauda case 8/27/2017 Home (Confidential)
16/18/2005-4HG-I Bifurcation of the Crime Branch 5/11/2006 Home-I
11712018-2H(C)Vol-ll Chinhit Apradh Guidelines 2/8/2021 Home (Confidential)
1610212021 -3H(C) Nodal Officer Orders 3/15/2021 Home (Confidential)
7/15/2016-2 JJ-I DDA Transfer Order (Suresh Pal Khubar) 2/16/2017 Jail & Judicial-I
7/8/2015 -2JJ-I Transfer Orders DDA 2/13/2017 Jail & Judicial-I
20/2/2016-4 JJ--I SPIO Authority for RTI 9/6/2018 Jail & Judicial-I
27/1/2017-11 JJ-I ADA Order (Rajbir Singh Kundu) 7/25/2017 Jail & Judicial-I
7/29/2013-2 JJ-l Promotion Order (Ashok Kumar Mittal) 5/22/2017 Jail & Judicial-I
7/4/2015-1 JJ-I ADA Order (Kapil Gaur) 5/17/2017 Jail & Judicial-I
7/44/2015-2 JJ-I Retirement Orders (Jaswant Singh) 3/27/2017 Jail & Judicial-I
30/31/2017-3 JJ-II Deputy Superintendent of Jail Orders 3/16/2017 Jail & Judicial-II
7 /8/2015 -2JJ -I DDA Transfer Order (Naresh Kumar Goyal) 9/18/2017 Jail & Judicial-I
7/6/2015 -2JJ-I DA, DDA, ADA Orders 7/7/2017 Jail & Judicial-I
59 of 1960 Violation of Animal Cruelty 5/14/2015 Home-IV
10/61/2013-2HGIV Registration of Marriage Act 7/16/2013 Home-IV
TO/10/2016/IT-Cell (Home) Revised Order for Hardware of computers 2/24/2017 IT Cell
TO10/2016-IT-Cell (Home) IT Plan Meeting 4/19/2017 IT Cell
TO/10/2016-IT-Cell (Home) For IT Manpower 3/21/2017 IT Cell
TO/I0/2016-IT-Cell (Home) Computers with wifi to Hartron 4/7/2017 IT Cell
PS/PSIT/2017/134 Adoption of Online Method 5/9/2017 IT Cell
3/406/2018-2HG-III Suspension of facilities against sexual crime with Women & Child 9/12/2018 Home-III
30/44/2008-2HG-1 State Police Complaint Authority 2/28/2019 Home-I
30/44/2008-2HG-1I1 Corrigendum for Police Athority 1/30/2019 Home-III
34/23/2019-1HG-III Home Guard Election Volunteers 3/28/2019 Home-III
2/16/2017-1 HG-I Promotion Ordes: Inspector to DGP 10/23/2017 Home-I
3/2/2017-1HG-I HPS Transfer Orders 9/29/2017 Home-I
3/2/201S-2HG-I IPS Orders (Sanjay Kumar) 9/11/2017 Home-I
3/2/2015-2HG-I IPS Transfer Orders 9/1/2017 Home-I
11/101/2017-2HG-I Disciplinary Action Order (Sh. Ashok Kumar) 8/26/2017 Home-I
1UI01l2017-2HG-I IPS Suspension Order (Sh. Ashok Kumar) 8/26/2017 Home-I
3/3/2017-2HG-I Transfer Orders (Manbir Singh) 8/26/2017 Home-I
3/2/2015-2HG-I IPS & HPS Transfer Orders 8/17/2017 Home-I
3/2/2015-2HG-I IPS Transfer Order (Suman Manjri) 5/23/2017 Home-I
25/6120 16-2HG-I IPS visit Abroad (Himanshu Garg) 4/17/2017 Home-I
2/09/20 I5-2HG-I Selection Grade of IPS Officers 4/11/2017 Home-I
111147/2016-1HG-I HPS ReInstate Order (Sh. Vijendar Singh) 4/10/2017 Home-I
25177/2013-2HGI Leave Cash Orders (Charu Bali) 3/31/2017 Home-I
25/4/2017-2HG 1 IPS Leave Orders (Sh. Yash Pal Singhal) 3/9/2017 Home-I
25/5/20 17-2HG1 IPS Leave Orders (Sh. Jagdish Chander) 3/9/2017 Home-I
16/54/1991-1HGI HPS Retd. Order (Rajbir Singh) 3/15/2017 Home-I
3/2/2015-2HG-I IPS Promotion Orders 3/8/2017 Home-I
3/2/2015-2HG-I Posting & Transfers of IPS & HPS 3/8/2017 Home-I
3/9/2017-1HG-I Transfer Orders (Dhyan Singh Poonia) 3/6/2017 Home-I
23/14/2017-2HG1 IPS Leave cashment (Pratap Ranga) 2/28/2017 Home-I
16/54/1991 HPS Order (Sh. Satya Pal) 2/27/2017 Home-I
16/54/1991-1HGI HPS Order (Sh. Taken Raj) 2/27/2017 Home-I
2/4/2006-2HG-I Retirement of ADGP (Sh. Rajbr Singh Deswal)) 2/23/2017 Home-I
2/44/2002-2HG-I Administrative Grade of IPS 3/2/2017 Home-I
16/16/2018-4HG-11 Upgradation of Polie Station in Nigdhu 10/8/2018 Home-II
16/07/2019-4HG-II Creation of 6 Cyber Crime PS 6/23/2020 Home-II
12 /OI /2O21-Home-III Forensic Science Laboratory 1/27/2021 Home-III
16/05/2017-4HG-II Creation of Thanas & Posts 4/25/2017 Home-II
16/21/2018-4 HG-II Creation of Traffic Police Station at KMP/KGP Expressway 8/13/2019 Home-II
16/07/2018-4HG-II Creation of Police Station in Karnal Range 10/22/2018 Home-II
16/08/2018-4HG-II Creation of Police Station in Hisar Range 10/3/2018 Home-II